Thursday, 9 February 2012

Our Favourite Light Fixtures

Light, "the illuminating source" is a vital part of any room of a home. We have put together a post of a few of our favourite light fixtures, from classic pieces accessible to all that we would love to own to masterpieces in museums for viewing pleasure which we will continue to marvel at from a distance.

Tom Dixon's Etch Light is stunning with 
it's molecular-like perforations and bronze glow

The same line also comes in a Tower form

Dixon used this fixture in his interior for the restaurant 
at The Royal Academy of Arts in London

A big contrast is the fame Chihuly's Sant'Apollonia chandelier from 1996 
which is now on display at the De Young Museum in San Fransisco. 
The glowing blue tones and form are a marvel for the eye.

Even up close the details are remarkable

This organic fabric lamp by Aqua Creations, the Blondie Zee from 2009 
appears as though it's folding over in a crawl across a table's edge.
It can also be attached and mounted to the wall.

A true classic: Flos' Sky Garden, is an all time favourite.

The details on the inside are crafted artfully, contrasting elegantly 
with the strong form and finish of the outside shell. 

Stockholm Public Chairs - Simple Innovation

Having been inspired by the furniture in the parks of Paris where chairs can be moved at free will, Stockholm based designer Thomas Bernstrand created the Stockholm public chairs. Designed similarly to shopping carts, the idea was to encourage people to organize the chairs together as they left the park. The design allows for flexibility of the use of the park space - brightening any lush green surrounding.