Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Paola Lenti - Outdoor Furniture as Art

We are excited to announce that our outdoor serenity terrace at The Perry will be dazzled with Paola Lenti pieces! Her artful, contemporary yet timeless outdoor furniture is a marvel. She approaches each design as an interpretation of materials and textiles. Through experimentation, technical knowledge merges with curiosity to create modern fibers that honour traditional hand-crafted techniques. The colours are rich yet settled, making each piece a unique jewel for any space it floats in.

Lenti was born in 1958 in Alessandria Italy, where she completed classical studies. She later moved to Milan and graduated from Milan's Polytecnico. In the early eighties she started  working as an image coordinator and graphic designer for several events and fashion companies. In 1994 she founded the company, Paola Lenti, located near Milan. In a few years, the company has become  an international reference point for textile innovation in the design world, and has been recognized for its dedication to research, experimentation and for its entrepreneurial dynamism.

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Outdoor Furniture Pittsburgh said...

I like those designs. Deeply fitted to whatever environment present therein. It uplifts one's spirit seeing those.

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