Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Tom Ford Santa Fe Ranch by Tadao Ando

Recently published in Vogue Paris, guest editor Tom Ford revealed photos and details of his Santa Fe ranch. Designed by Tadao Ando, the aesthetic is clean, modern and unobtrusive of the views and surroundings. 

Recently Tom Ford and Karl Lagerfeld discussed the house in Santa Fe. Here is an excerpt:

Tom Ford: I'm half in London and half in L.A., butI sold my house in London and my new house there will not be ready until March. So between now and then I'm mostly in L.A.

Karl Lagerfeld: What's the difference between the two houses?

Tom Ford: The new one is bigger [laughs].

Karl Lagerfeld: Good, good, good!

Tom Ford: ....and it's really classic, English house whereas the one before was a Victorian house that I made very modern. This one I'm going to keep quite classic.

Karl Lagerfeld: And how is the [Tadao] Ando house coming along?

Tom Ford: He has designed several buildings for us, and we've started on one of them. We're still redesigning the main house. I like working with him.

Karl Lagerfeld: Oh, he is devine! I worked with him for many years and we always had so many problems with planning permission. You know in France you cannot build these kind of house. They said it looked like a church of a sect. At the end, I stopped it and introduced him to your friend Monsieur Pinault, and he got the museum. Where is he building your house?

Tom Ford: Outside of Sante Fe

Karl Lagerfeld: It will look great there.

Tom Ford: That's why I hired him, I think he is so much about walls and light. And the local architecture of New Mexico is of course adobe and fortress like, and the light is very strong there, so it's about light and massive walls.

Karl Lagerfeld: I think it's very creative to build houses.

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